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MATHLETES OF THE WEEK      2013     
Week 9  Term 3  
 Junior Student  
 Middle Student  
 Senior Student
 Ann Zimran, Miro
 Daniel Liem, Rata 
 Alina Shaw, Nikau
 Week 2  Term 4  Junior  Student          Jordan May, Toetoe


 Middle Student  
 Liam O'Halloran, Tawa
Senior Student     
 Jada Lambert, Kowhai
   Week 3  Term 4  Junior Student 
Gauranga Kumar Kashyap, Ngaio
     Middle Student  
 Daniel Liem, Rata                   
 Senior Student   
  Jada Lambert, Kowhai
   Week 4  Term 4  Junior Student   Taylor Lincoln, Ngaio
       Middle Student    Paige Van Herpen-Jacobs, Pohutakawa
       Senior Student    Haylee Van Herpen-Jacobs, Kowhai
   Week 6  Term 4  Junior Student   Giovanni Brown, Miro
       Middle Student    Daniel Liem, Rata
       Senior Student     Sharlotte Singh, Karaka
   Week 7  Term 4  Junior Student   Aryan Kumar, Puriri
       Middle Student    Zoya Ali, Manuka
       Senior Student     Taupou Tauafiafi, Nikau
   Week 8  Term 4  Junior Student   Genevieve Treurnich, Miro 
       Middle Student    Liam Fitzpatrick, Rata
       Senior Student     Lochlainn Hancock, Rimu

No Mathletics Awards for Week 6, Term 3
No Mathletics Awards for Week 1, Term 4.
No Mathletics Awards for Week 5, Term 4.
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