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Slice of Heaven

A Newlands School Production, 2014

In our final week of term 2, Newlands Primary took over the local intermediate school for three sold-out performances of our biannual production. This year our theme was Slice of Heaven, and the event was a showcase of the many things that make New Zealand Aotearoa such an inviting and beautiful country for locals and visitors alike.

The production was, as always, a great source of pride for the school, and we counted ourselves lucky that the wider Newlands community joined us with such enthusiasm, helping with costumes and props (among other things) and, of course, making up the audiences that made the performances so special for the children.

Three sold-out shows were the culmination of eight weeks of hard work by the students and staff. We wrote, designed, built, painted, acted, sang and danced, practicing eagerly and each week moving a little closer to our vision becoming a reality.

Time seemed to speed up as the performance dates approached. The children’s work was coming together, and at our dress rehearsal in the penultimate week of term, the excitement was palpable as we filed into the hall for the students and teachers to see the entire production in its near-final state for the first time:

Before we knew it, 1 July was upon us, and it was time for the first live production – an afternoon matinee performance under the bright lights of the Newlands Intermediate stage in front of a sold-out crowd of proud parents. Understandably, nerves and excitement ran high, but our preparation paid off, and the children delivered an excellent performance to rave reviews from whānau and friends of the school in attendance:

The subsequent evening performances were equally well-received, and when the children took a bow for the final time on Wednesday evening, everyone was rightfully proud of what they had accomplished.

After the excitement of performing had subsided and the children returned to their classes, we wrapped up by reflecting on what we had learned and what we had most enjoyed about the production. Here is a sample of the children’s thoughts.

Some other highlights which we make available here for your enjoyment:

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