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Our Sponsors

 A special thank you to businesses and individuals that sponsor and support Newlands School.  We acknowledge and appreciate their support.

 Interested in supporting Newlands School School?  We can tailor a sponsorship package to suit your requirements.  For more information email fos@newlandsprimary.school.nz.
 Our old swimming pool has been removed and a new area has been created in it's place.  The Games Zone is a play area with rubber matting where children can play a large game of chess, four square and hopscotch.  It has become a popular play area and has added enormous value to our play experiences.   





BRONZE Sponsor -  Easyswim

Learn to swim in a warm pool heated to 33 degrees, with maximum class size of five.  From infant swimming lessons to private swim classes for adults, there’s a time and a group for everyone. Choose from a range of times to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

 Call  2347946 to make a booking, email book@easyswim.co.nz or visit www.easyswim.co.nz  

Automotive Mechanics
Automotive Mechanics is a family-owned business in Newlands.   We service all makes and models of cars.  As well as our excellent customer service, we provide a range of services to maintain and keep your car running at its best.  These include:
    -    repairs and servicing for all makes and models
    -    W.O.F inspections
    -     tyres
    -     batteries supplied and fitted.

 Contact us now: 101 Newlands Road 478 4215.  http://www.automotivemechanics.co.nz/

Open Monday to Friday 7.30am til 5.30pm.