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Newlands School consulted widely with the school community in 2013 and again in 2017 to develop the vision and charter that best reflects our philosophy and practice. 

                                                         Nurture, Learn, Succeed - Together
                                                         He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

Our charter document is included in the resources below.  This includes the schools' vision, core values, our mission and our strategic goals.

Documents that are also included under our resources include:
Context 2017
Strategic Section 2017
Stewardship: Key improvement strategies to achieve Strategic vision 2017
Improvement Plans for Domain Learning Goal 1 & 2 
Newlands School Charter
Charter Document 2014 pub
Newlands School Context 2017
Newlands School Strategic Section 2017
2017 Key Improvement Strategies to achieve Strategic Vision
Improvement Plan-Domain Learning Goal 1 2017
Improvement Plan-Domain Learning Goal 2 2017