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How to Help at School

Our harakeke symbol.
Newlands School is a busy place and we like to offer children as many opportunities to grow, learn and flourish as possible.  Many parents like the opportunity to be part of those opportunities.
Outlined below are some of the ways parents and whanau can help at school to provide opportunities for children to learn and flourish.  Please contact the principal or school office if you would like more information about any of these opportunities. 


Being a Board of Trustees Member

The governance of Newland School is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees. Members are elected every three years from our school community. The BOT is committed to providing excellence in education and are very supportive of the school's learning community.

The Board of Trustees meets twice a term and meeting times and dates are advised on the school's calendar of events. All meetings are public and everyone is invited to attend. The minutes are public documents and are available at the school office.

If you would like to know more about Boards of Trustees, the link will take you to the New Zealand Schools Trustees Association (NZSTA) website. NZSTA

Being a Friend of the School Member

The Friends of the School is a fundraising team made up off parent volunteers who help raise extra funds for the school.

The Board of Trustees determines the fundraising focus each year. They set targets for how much money is required and plan what the money will be spent on. The Friends of the School organises and runs community fundraising events on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

The Friends of the School meets at least once a term to organise fundraising events. There are also people who support the FOS with one-off help for specific events.

Fundraising events we have recently held include school discos, quiz night, spellathon, bake sales, raffles, tea and coffee at school events, sausage sizzles, movie nights, tea towel sales, and art calendar sales.

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to raise extra funds to continue making Newlands School a great place to learn.

We always welcome new Friends of the School members. If you are looking for a way to contribute skills and energy to the school, we warmly invite you to join the Friends of the School group.

Supervising Road Patrol

The Year 6 Road Patrollers are on road patrol duty each day between 8.30 and

8.55 am and again at 2.55 to 3.15 pm. An adult supervisor is needed each time the Road Patrollers are on duty.

Eager Readers

In Term 2 and 3, parent tutors spend 20 minutes in the morning after 9 am listening to children read. This programme is designed to give some children in the middle and senior school an opportunity to practise their reading with a kind listener who provides positive feedback and gently encouragement.

PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) Helper

PMP is a physical and language based programme we run in our junior school during the year. This programme consists of activity stations where children rotate from station to station during a half hour session. Each station requires an adult tutor to assist the children to perform the activity correctly. When this programme is run we ask for help through the newsletter and by letter to parents.

Sports Coaching and Managing

Netball        We offer Netball for Year 3 to 6 children during the winter netball season. We need coaches and
                         team  managers for all the teams.
 After School Sports
During the year the Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua run a term by term after-school sports
                        programme. The sports vary term by term and include miniball, indoor soccer and unihoc. We need coaches
                        and supporters for these teams


From time to time we offer a programme of electives to our children in Year 3 to 6. We offer many and varied activities for children to try out once a week, each week over a term. Parents can offer their skills to teach a small group of children. Electives other parents have taken include – Indoor Bowls, art, card making and basketball coaching.

Library helper

New resources are constantly coming into the school and need processing before they can be used in the library and classroom. A team of parents regularly meet in the library to stamp, tape and cover new library books ready for use. Parents also help put readers away each week to assist the smooth running of the Literacy programme.

Bookclub Organiser

Twice a term Scholastic Bookclub leaflets are sent home and many families order books for home reading. We have parent Bookclub Organisers who process the orders after the offer is closed and who distribute the books to the children.

School and Class Trips

Every year, there are various trips organised for children to participate in. We take sports teams out of the school for games, classes or syndicates go on learning trips to places of interest around the Wellington region, sometimes the whole school will be involved in a trip outside of the school.

For these trips away from school we require parent help and support. We need to maintain an appropriate adult to child ratio so children are safe during their activities.

Parent and whanau are often asked to assist on trips with supervision and/or transport. Joining your child’s class on a school trip is a great way to support your child’s learning.

Fruit Break each day

We offer children a piece of fruit each day during our fruit break. Fruit break is around 10 am each morning, and the fruit provides a welcome boost of energy in our learning sessions between 9 and 11 am. Every class has fruit break and all parents support this by sending 2 or 3 items of fruit to school each week for the class fruit bowl.

At different times during the year parents may be asked to support one off acitivities like sewing for the biannual production, baking for a cake stall, or helping out at a one off event in class. We keep families and whanau informed through the weekly emailed newsletter and through class notes or letters.

If you have a skill or expertise you feel we would benefit from, please come and see us – we love all the help we can get.