Home Learning

Review 2021

As part of the 2021 Home Learning review the community, teachers, and students were all given questions to determine their views and opinions surrounding the current Home Learning in place at Newlands Primary School. The response rate was positive and allowed for some in-depth analysis of what was needed going forwards. 

Based on the responses received, the community wanted to see a form of Home Learning remain, and felt that it was of benefit. The community saw value in the current Reading and Spelling procedures and would like to see more Maths tasks going forwards.

Home Learning Definition 

Newlands Primary School defines Home Learning as any activity that your child has been asked to complete outside of their time at school. This may be an independent task or one which requires some adult supervision.

While Home Learning often focuses on Reading, Writing, and Maths, it may also include more topic focused activities.

Home Learning is focused predominantly on opportunities for practice rather than the introduction of new learning. However, within the context of an activity, students may naturally lead their own exploration of new concepts.